Aboaut WSIiZ

We have a great pleasure to invite you to study at Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management.
If you are a foreigner interested in technical studies in the field of Information Technology, this offer has been created especially for you. The history of Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management started in 1990, when at the initiative of Olsztyn Society, the first non-state economic university in Warmia and Mazury Province – Management School in Olsztyn- was established. In October the University was transformed into Kotarbinski University of Management and Administration. In 1996 the University was registered in Non-state Higher School Register, position 91. That day is considered the date of birth of the University. In 2001 the University was authorised to conduct engineering studies in the field of Information Technology. Due to a wider range of educational offer the name of the University has been changed into Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management in Olsztyn.
Within 20 years of its existence the University has educated over 10 thousand graduates (engineers and master’s degree holders with high professional qualifications). It has also become the driving force of technological progress. Its greatest achievement is its graduates (of first-cycle, second-cycle and postgraduate studies), who succeed on a more and more demanding job market. By means of this we put into practice our strategy of development, which assumes that a university is to be leader in educating young people and adults which quickly adapts to the needs of the job market.
We want to offer young people our outstanding teaching staff and academic experience. Those who decide to study here will obtain education which is a ticket to a professional career in the whole Europe. Our graduates have always been valued highly by employers and we wish that this reputation grows by the year.
The University is developing all the time, it is expanding its scientific and research base and enriching its educational offer to be able to adapt quickly to new trends on the job market. We are expanding international cooperation and taking care of the development of our staff and the material base. The University has got its own didactic base, the surface of almost 10 thousand square metres. Our lecture halls, classrooms and IT  labs are located in buildings on an attractive campus in Artyleryjska Street in Olsztyn.

At present our educational offer is based on the analysis of the needs of the region. Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management offers first-cycle studies in the fields of Information Technology (engineering studies), Management and Production Engineering (engineering studies), Management (bachelor’s degree) and second cycle studies ( master’s degree) in the field of Management.